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Exporting and Outsourcing with Avco Trading, Inc. gives you immediate access to leading edge systems and highly skilled personnel.

On the exporting side of the ledger, Avco Trading, Inc. evaluates emerging markets, stays abreast of current trade agreements the United States have in place with other countries, monitor trends and the economic/political climates of various countries to extract the maximum benefit for our clients interested in exporting their finished products.

Avco Trading, Inc. was established to provide American manufacturers an easy entry into the Chinese manufacturing arena. Doing business in China can be daunting; language, cultural, legal, and political barriers are a challenge. However, Avco Trading, Inc. takes the mystery out of doing business in China and will make your experience in the Chinese manufacturing arena a profitable one.

Avco Trading, Inc. has an outsourcing partnership with Mainland China Trading and Consulting Inc., a family-owned business with quality relationships in China. We have 40 years of combined experienced in the Import/Export spectrum.

Avco Trading, Inc. also serves as a global distributor. As a distributor, we buy goods from manufacturers at wholesale prices for resale in specific international markets and, in some cases, domestically. Our unique business model allows us to be not only your eyes and ears in Asia, but around the world.

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